Cape Chignecto is a splice of land which protrudes into the Bay of Fundy between New Brunsick and Nova Scotia. It is 2 hours off of the TransCanada highway and worth a peak. I can imagine it being absolutely stunning in the summer months. It was already pretty gorgeous in the spring.

This was my first hike in Eastern Canada that was longer than a stroll in the park and I did a lot of things wrong which could have potentially led to getting myself into a mess.

1. I parked Jan somewhere where no one would have noticed if she was left overnight.

2. There was no one in the park office and I didn’t check in.

3. I didn’t tell anyone else where I was or where I was going or what time I should be back.

4. I took no food or water.

5. I didn’t take a raincoat

6. My phone was on 5% battery when I realised I’d followed a moose trail and not the actual trail

7. I tried to cut across to the actual trail rather than retrace my steps backwards

The hike started off mundane enough; not too steep and with a beautiful view of the coast. The trail seemed pretty well tracked and I was happy plodding along, thinking of God knows what. I reached the point I was intending to reach, having crossed a few streams and gone through varying woodlands. I stopped for a breather and to take in the incredible coastline and then set off back to Jan. It had taken me roughly three hours so I estimated the same on the return.

There was one area on the trail that swung inland and the view of the coast was lost, I think it must have been at this point where, on the return, I took an animal trail rather than the hiking trail. After walking an hour and not finding the coast again, I decided I was lost. Instead of trying to retrace my steps, because looking backwards the trail was barely visible, I decided to try and head towards the coast. Two hours of bush bashing, tripping on roots, scrambling over trees, sliding down banks into ravines and up the other side, and trying to keep calm, I saw the coast. It was one of those moments where I didn’t realise how scared I was until I was safe. I got back to Jan as it was getting dark and crawled into safety. I don’t think I’ve felt that level of relief since.

Accidentally followed a dinosaur.

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