Prince Edward Island

PEI. An island of lessons. An island of potato farms.

I didn’t spend much time on Prince Edward Island and I probably didn’t give it enough of a chance. After spending a month in such beautifully varying terrain I found the flat farmland a little bland. It could have been the dreary weather or perhaps also because I was getting a touch tired of being on the road. The island also seemed really deserted which may have been to do with the shoulder season.

Charlottetown is a really nice, small city with some interesting history. Just out of Charlottetown I stopped at a little store to purchase some stamps. The store happened to double as a lovely lady’s glass studio as well as a post office. After I showed a little interest in her work she took me into her studio and showed me how to heat glass rods and form little beads. It was such a lovely experience for her to share her skill.

It was on PEI that I have had my one and only encounter with CAA. I locked my keys in Jan at 9pm on a Saturday night in the middle of nowhere… and they came and rescued me. I was so grateful. It’s definitely worth investing in.


Confederation Trail – I completed 16km of the trail. Definitely would be a lot better on a bike. It’s pretty much just a flat, gravel trail along an old train track. I started at the very beginning of the track and it goes the whole way across the province.


Greenwich Park – really, really beautiful. Take some time on the beach.