Nova Scotia – My Mainland Stops

When I was in Nova Scotia I had about a solid week of rain and cloud whilst I explored the mainland. It wasn’t great for hiking but it made from some very ethereal misty views across the ocean.


1. Cape Chignecto

Please see post ‘What-not-to-do-on-a-Hike’.

2. Walton Lighthouse

Walton is a small coastal town north of Wolfville. All of the little towns along the coast are really beautiful and quaint but this one stood out to me. This is because of the lighthouse keeper. If you find yourself in this area, stop in, not because it’s a lighthouse and every lighthouse is cool, but because if you give this man a little time, he’ll give you a story.

Whilst we stood on the cliff overlooking the famous Bay of Fundy he told me about the intricate history of the area. He also let me wind up the lighthouse light which made me feel like a kid again. I’ll save the stories for him to tell.

3. Wolfville, Cape Split and Scots Bay
img_2557Hike to Cape Split, go to the Wolfville farmers market, hike the trail at Scots Bay, drink some local wine and lap up the serenity.

4. Digby

Digby is cool because there’s a balancing rock thing. Pretty nice to take a picture of but you can’t touch it which kind of took the thrill away for me.If you chat nicely to the ferry guys, the journey is free to get across.

On the drive from Digby back to the main road I dropped in at a beach side craft shop. Here I had a really lovely conversation with a gentleman about agate he’d found on the beaches in the area. His wife showed me how she wire wrapped them and we exchanged some jewellery. If you go by, drop in and pay them a visit. Their store is gorgeous, their crafts are beautiful and they are just genuinely nice people.

5. Lunenberg and Mahone Bay

A different view at Peggy’s Cove
Lunenburg Dock

6. Halifax

I didn’t do much in Halifax as I was eager to get to Cape Breton. But it’s a lovely city, it’s quiet and calm and the waterfront entertainment area is really pretty.

7. Sherbrooke

Have breakfast here.

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