My adventures into Newfoundland were nearly cancelled. This is not due to a lack of desire or want, but purely because the ferry from Sydney, Nova Scotia, was not an expense I had taken into consideration. I have Tim to thank for this leg of the journey and I will be forever grateful. There was also a waitress in Inginish whose opinion swayed my decision.

Newfoundland is an interesting creature. It’s Canada, but it’s not. It takes a larger level of concentration to work out what the locals are saying and every view needs a second glance.  The grass is greener, the cliffs are steeper and the fjords are deeper. If you’re looking for something else, this is it.

There were a couple of aspects of Newfoundland which made it was it was for me. Tim, the towns and trails, and an older gentleman whose name I never got.


Our paths crossed the whole way around mainland Nova Scotia. We camped in the same places but at different times. We sat two tables away from each other at a talent night in Cheticamp (highly recommend) and we finally bumped into each other on the Cabot Trail’s most famous hike, The Skyline Trail. Tim’s story is not mine to share, but it’s one which influenced me in a way I cannot describe. Inspiring, interesting and a downright joy to share part of my journey with.

That part of my trip isn’t mine, it’s ours and it’ll forever be that way. Thank you, Tim, for your time.

The  Towns and Trails

Gros Morne National Park

Not Gros Morne National Park – Cape St. George

Rocky Harbour and Trout River

The Older Gentleman whose Name I Never Got

We had a coffee together for four mornings in a row in the same lounge room coffee joint. He has probably been there every day for the last sixty years and didn’t even notice me. For me, he was a familiar face which made unknown territory a little more comfortable. Thank you, Sir.