Vancouver Island


Vancouver Island definitely lives up to its reputation. The ferry was pricier than expected (as usual), I should probably just be used to this by now. I left the mainland from the Tsawwassen terminal and arrived at the Swartz Bay Terminal, just out of Victoria. It was so lovely to see the ocean again after being inland for so long. It has such a different feel and smell to being on lakes.

I went straight down to the harbour front and enjoyed walking amongst the floating homes as well as the resident sea lions. A beautiful place for lunch or an afternoon beer.

University of Victoria – Kayak Club: I was lucky enough to catch up with a friend from camp who was awesome and took me along to her school’s kayak club. We paddled around in the university pool and she taught me how to do a barrel roll (although there’s no chance I could repeat it now!).


Victoria seems like an awesome area to live in. Small city with a small town vibe, close to anything outdoorsy you could possibly want.

Tofino and Ucluelet

I wish I’d allowed more time in this area… and it wasn’t raining.

Tonquin Beach: 3km

A scenic short walk through woodlands that pops you out onto a white sandy beach. This would be the perfect place for a picnic. I took the opportunity to have some quiet reflection whilst sitting in the sea breeze.


Ucluelet Lighthouse

I intended to do a longer walk to see the lighthouse but it was pouring, so I chose the 500m option, saw the lighthouse and then headed back to the ferry terminal.



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