New Brunswick Trails

1. Hayes Falls: 5km

When I drove across Maine I was nervous about spending the night in America and was eager to get back across the border into New Brunswick. The border crossing was simple and this is where I activated my IEC Visa (even managed to get a simile from border control). This meant that I pulled over in the dark and wasn’t really sure where I’d parked, if it was legal, or if it was safe. When I woke the next morning I found myself at the trail head to Hayes Falls. A gentle jog along a relatively well maintained track found me at a beautiful waterfall. I wouldn’t go out of my way to get to this hike but it was a nice place to accidentally find myself. 

2. Kingsclear: 5km

Just a jog in a park, nothing special but it was a nice break from driving. Good place to spend the night.

3. Anchorage Provicincial Park (Grand Manan Island): 4km

The highlight of this hike was the amount of slugs on the board walk. No not really, it was cool to see the Lone Ranger but really the coast line was gorgeous. Grand Manan Island is a strange little place, I can imagine it having real charm in the summer months and this park being a really lovely place to take the kids camping (not that I have kids or particularly enjoy campgrounds). 
I wasn’t really expecting to see anyone else out on the trail as the park was closed. I was lying on my front on the board walk when I heard someone clear their throat. A lovely lady was obviously confused by my behaviour and was too polite to just step over me. I didn’t even bother trying to explain myself and just wished her a good day. I hope she thought I was some kind of nature photographer sent by Sir Dave Attenborough on a very important research project.

4. Fundy Trail: 16km

Fundy National Park is absolutely beautiful. I know I’ve said this about a lot of places, but this was definitely a highlight for me. The park office was unattended so camping was free. The park is so well maintained and the trail was a great mix of cliff top, woodland and coastal areas. Make sure to take the trail off to the beach and collect some rocks, they’re a fun mix of colours and types and all smooth from the drastic tide. 


Kouchibouguak (koo-chi-boo-quack) Provincial Park is on the northern coast of New Brunswick and is a relatively flat area. I set myself the goal of completing every trail in the park in one day and managed to smash out about 30km of running. 

The Pines, Beaver trail, Migmag coders, Salt Marsh, Kelly’s beach, the Bog, Kouchibouguac river, Tweedie, Osprey/Balbuzard, Black river.  

The varying ecology was really interesting and the park had a large amount of information boards. The trails ranged from well maintained paths, to woodlands, to boardwalks through swamp to grassy areas. 

Along the Kouchibouguac River

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