Grand Manan Island 

I drove past St Andrews by the sea and found myself at the ferry terminal to get to Grand Manan Island. I liked the idea of going on a ferry (which always ends up pricier than expected) and to be honest the island sounded rather…grand. I’ll tell you what, it was an experience.

I pulled over at this beautiful fishing shed area.  The colouring was spectacular and it seemed deserted. As I walked through the buildings inspecting the lobster nets, I was disturbed only by the occasional far off bark and the lap of the waves.

Out of nowhere swung a disheveled looking youth. In my direction he bellowed ‘Oi, have you seen Rusty?’

I had not seen Rusty. ‘If you see him can you let him know I’m looking for him?’

I assumed Rusty was a dog and this request a little strange.  I gave him my word that I would in fact let Rusty know he was looking for him and kept on through the sheds. Roughly twenty minutes later, after snooping probably a little too much, I found myself again confronted by the youth, this time he was accompanied by another, equally as dishevelled lad.

‘Hey I found Rusty. Wanna go for a drink?’ I wasn’t quite sure if he was mistaking me for someone else or just being friendly.

‘No thank you, it’s not even 10 am.’

The one that wasn’t Rusty turned to me with a condescending look and said ‘aw sweetie, you’re not from here, are you?’

From then I avoided the locals and focused on the scenery.

Power stance


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  1. MelOwlBlog says:

    LOL, good read. Gave me a chuckle as I can understand what you mean about the locals. But the island itself is truly beautiful and there are breathtaking views everywhere you look.


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