Cape Breton

I consider Cape Breton one of the most beautiful places I’ve been. The weather cleared up as I went over the bridge and everything from then on was just stunning.  I didn’t do as many hikes on the Cabot Trail as I would have liked but the drive was so much fun. Every view around every corner was breathtaking and the people are so charming.

The Cabot Trail

Stop and take in every view.


Cheticamp is a small town on the Cabot Trail. I had such a lovely time at the Doryman Pub and Grill. Every Thursday night they hold a talent night which I highly recommend. It’s an open mic night where the music is primarily Cape Breton fiddle music. Lively, fun and very homely.

A lovely local pointed me in the direction of a flooded gypsum mine just out of town. It’s a short walk and not sign posted so I definitely wouldn’t have found it without the tip. The water was incredibly fresh and bright blue and perfect for a wilderness wash. I can imagine it being a busy swimming hole in the warmer months.

White Point


White point is an area off of the Cabot Trail and I wouldn’t have found it if not for a comment on one of my photos on Instagram (thank you @exploreeast). It is a small fishing community with a small summer population. I believe the area would have very few inhabitants in the winter months. There was an empty plot of land marked by a red piece of cloth which was perfect for spending the night.

Make sure you walk out to the point and find the old graveyard. Some of the stones have lovely words and the cliffs are really stunning.


Baddeck is a cute small town in Cape Breton which will always have a place in my heart due to a beautiful couple who took me in. At that point I had grown accustomed to spending a lot of time on my own and was comfortable reading my book at the pub. On this night, the pub was pretty full and I felt a bit guilty about taking up a whole table just to read my book and have a beer. I offered the table to two couples who then invited me to sit and chat with them. It was a really merry evening and I’ll never forget how friendly they were. When the pub was winding down and they were thinking of leaving, they offered me their spare room for the night.

I don’t generally advise blindly following two strangers into their home, but it was impossible not to trust these two. We stayed up a little longer, just chatting and exchanging stories and then I had a very peaceful night’s sleep in an actual bed. As much as I love sleeping in Jan, it’s nice to have a roof overhead and a carpet on the floor.

Louisbourg Fortress

I had far too much fun running around this place on my own. It’s a beautiful historic site and worth the entry costs. It would be such a good location for paintball or laser skirmish.

The Fortress of Louisbourg is a National Historic Site of Canada and the location of a one-quarter partial reconstruction of an 18th-century French fortress. Its two sieges, especially that of 1758, were turning points in the Anglo-French struggle.


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