Rocky Harbour and Trout River

Rocky Harbour is a charming town perfect for basing yourself in whilst exploring Gros Morne National Park. It’s small and sweet and has everything you need to be comfortable. As I was in the park in the shoulder season, I wasn’t overly concerned about where I parked to sleep, I can imagine in the summer it being a little harder to find a discreet place.

Take a stroll into Anchors Pub for a pint. If you want to experience some Newfoundland music in a jovial setting, I’d recommend going to one of the Anchors Aweigh shows. It’s fun, it’s loud and it’s very jolly. If you’re not into cheesy though, maybe it’s not for you.

I was expecting Trout River to be of a similar size to Rocky Harbour. Do not be mistaken. There is half a handful of restaurants and a general store. It was nice to drive through that side of the park though and also a good place to start the day when tackling the Green Gardens trail.


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